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Functions & Responsibilities


    • documents, laws and regulations, state compensation, services for the people, public relations, information management and township meeting.?

    Civil affairs:

    • election of public servants, self-governance, national education, land administration, rituals and religion, business management, public cemetery administration, military service.?

    Social affairs:

    • social welfare, social assistance, community development, national pension, social security system, national health insurance and welfare of children, teenagers and women.?


    • agricultural production, fishery, forestry, animal husbandry, promotion of agriculture, distribution of agricultural produce, agricultural information.?


    • civil engineering, urban planning, public construction, storm water and sewage system, transportation, tourism, water conservancy, construction management, street vendor management, consumer protection, and simplified business registration.?


    • Finance, public assets and cashier.?


    • cleaning of wastes, recycling, prevention of dengue fever, investigation of waste vehicle, demolishing advertisements and management of street dogs.?


    • ethics of civil servants, personnel, accounting, statistics and daycare center?
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